“Another scene-stealer is the super funny Sarah Pierce, who plays Penny Pingleton, Tracy's ever-loyal, gum-chewing dim-bulb best friend who falls head-over-penny loafers in lust over the studly Seaweed J. Stubbs, the African-American dance phenom with a penchant for getting school detention, played with plenty of seductive smolder by the velvet-voiced Xavier J. Watson. Together, both actors have great rapport and superb comedic chops.” (HAIRSPRAY, 2015)

Michael L. Quintos Los Angeles


“Equally importantly, the Chance has cast twenty-two award-worthy performers as the teens surrounding Tracy, beginning with eighteen-year-old Chance vet Sarah Pierce, whose Penny goes from Wednesday Addams drab to Technicolor luminous thanks to the love of a 'fine looking cat-like black boy' (Prudy’s words not mine) named Seaweed J. Stubbs, brought to life by an oh-so appealing Xavier J. Watson, definitely one to watch. (Like everyone else in the cast, Pierce and Watson merit highest marks for their power pipes.) ” (HAIRSPRAY, 2015)

Steven Stanley

Stage Scene LA


“Sarah Pierce triumphs as Penny, Tracy’s nerdy, mousy best friend, whose crush on Seaweed opens her eyes to the music and lifestyles of her black peers.”(HAIRSPRAY, 2015)

“Hartfield shares an amusing dynamic with Sarah Pierce who plays Tracy’s school friend, Penny Pingleton. Pierce stands out as a comedic performer in her scenes with Tracy, and in her own moments as Penny goes after her dream guy, Seaweed.” (HAIRSPRAY, 2015)

Zack Johnson

Orange Curtain